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adv. Music
To a slight degree or amount; somewhat. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian, from Latin paucus; see pau- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈpəʊkəʊ; Italian ˈpɔːko) or

un poco

adj, adv
(Music, other) music (in combination) a little; to a small degree: poco rit; un poco meno mosso.
[from Italian: little, from Latin paucus few, scanty]


(ˈpoʊ koʊ)

adv. Music.
somewhat; rather: poco presto.
[1715–25; < Italian: little < Latin paucus few]
References in classic literature ?
CON tal que las costumbres de un autor," says Don Thomas de las Torres, in the preface to his "Amatory Poems" "sean puras y castas, importo muy poco que no sean igualmente severas sus obras" -- meaning, in plain English, that, provided the morals of an author are pure personally, it signifies nothing what are the morals of his books.
When they speak of one that cannot do amiss, they will throw in, into his other conditions, that he hath Poco di matto.
Vostro amico," he repeated over and over again; and then, "Poco tempo, poco tempo, poco tempo
The two-storey 8000ft 2 space, including a terraced area looking across The Beach, has vibrant coloured interiors and bold prints exclusively designed for Poco Loco, taking inspiration from Aztec and Incan art works.
It doesn't mean I don't like Poco or don't think he's got the tools to be a player.
Poco Loco will compete in the Soar UK Street Dance Championships in Manchester tomorrow.
Poco Loko is available in 16-ounce cans at 8 percent alcohol by volume, and comes in four unique flavors: Green Apple, Black Cherry, Mango and Lemonade; most of which are not available in 23.
The magazine features a range of information on current MS research, symptom management, complementary and alternative medicine, a physician's take on health topics and "de todo un poco," or a little of everything, including readers' stories and news.
A 2002 study published by the Day Care Justice Co-op entitled Mucho Trabajo, Poco Dinero: The Labor Economics of Family Child Care in Rhode Island's Subsidy Program determined that the average wage for family childcare providers working in the state's subsidy program was $2.
Resin cells, wire and Ram/sinker EDM filter cartridges and wear products for most major machine tool brands are available, as is standard PRO-GRAPH, POCO and specialty graphite products from SGL Carbon.
Under the terms of the definitive agreement, Poco shareholders will receive BR common equivalent shares ("Exchangeable Shares") based on a fixed exchange ratio of 0.