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n. Chiefly South Atlantic US
A swamp in an upland coastal region. Also called regionally dismal.

[Possibly of Virginia Algonquian origin.]
Word History: In the Atlantic coastal plain from Virginia through northern Florida, a swamp or marsh can be called a pocosin or a dismal, the second term illustrated in the name of the Dismal Swamp on the border of North Carolina and Virginia. The word pocosin is probably a borrowing from Virginia Algonquian. The early settlers used pocosin as a designation for low swampy ground, especially a wooded swamp.


(Environmental Science) US a swamp in a US upland coastal region


or po•co•son or po•co•sen

(pəˈkoʊ sən, ˈpoʊ kə sən)

n. Southeastern U.S.
a swamp or marsh in an upland coastal region.
[1625–35, Amer.; probably < an Algonquian language]
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Adding to this, the topography has a split personality: pocosin, savanna, repeat.
Bartlette, 2009: Soil moisture dynamics and smoldering combustion limits of pocosin soils in North Carolina, USA.
The Pocosin Lakes, Mattamuskeet and Pea Island national wildlife refuges offer thousands of acres of prime roost water and high-octane feed for snow geese biding their time until they have to make the spring trip back north.
The Class I would renovate 290 acres of historic pocosin wetlands at its Brosnan Forest timber and wildlife preserve near Dorchester, S.
Low humidity and prolonged drought contributed to the spread of the fire into the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, where it smoldered through rich deposits of peat.
Ecological units at the LLFS are classified in the Gulf and Atlantic Coastal Plain (Primary Division) and include one land cover class (Woody wetland) with three terrestrial vegetation ecological systems present: Atlantic Coastal Plain Streamhead Seepage Swamp, Pocosin, and Baygall; Gulf and Atlantic Coastal Plain Swamp System; and Southern Atlantic Coastal Plain Wet Pine Savanna and Flatwoods.
In eastern North Carolina, the Pocosin Lakes NWR, Alligator River NWR, and the entire red wolf recovery program celebrated at the Walter B.
However, values between 45% and 56% of the total soil P were found in the microbial biomass of warm, temperate pocosin (evergreen shrub bog) soils (Walbridge 1991), showing that high microbial P immobilization may not be a function of differences in climatic conditions latitudinally.
Deer in Pocosin habitat after catastrophic wildlfire.
There are elements a harsh critic could frown on, but this Emma Bovary of the mule-and-wagon set is a worthy character to follow, and the ways in which this little book get [sic] to you are as ethereal, and as visible, as the ghosts who wander the Half Moon Pocosin.
Alternative uses of pocosin wetlands include row-crop agriculture and intensive forestry.