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 (pō-dĕs′tə, pō′dĕ-stä′)
The chief magistrate in any of the republics of medieval Italy.

[Italian podestà, from Old Italian podestate, from Latin potestās, power, from potis, powerful, able; see poti- in Indo-European roots.]


(pɒˈdɛstə; Italian podeˈsta)
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in modern Italy) a subordinate magistrate in some towns
2. (Historical Terms) (in Fascist Italy) the chief magistrate of a commune
3. (Historical Terms) (in medieval Italy)
a. any of the governors of the Lombard cities appointed by Frederick Barbarossa
b. a chief magistrate in any of various republics, such as Florence
[C16: from Italian: power, from Latin potestās ability, power, from posse to be able]


(poʊˈdɛs tə, ˌpoʊ dəˈstɑ)

n., pl. -tas.
any of certain magistrates in Italy, as a chief magistrate in medieval towns and republics.
[1540–50; < Italian podestà power < Latin potestās power, command]
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My opinion is, that all these old podestas, these ancient condottieri, -- for the Cavalcanti have commanded armies and governed provinces, -- my opinion, I say, is, that they have buried their millions in corners, the secret of which they have transmitted only to their eldest sons, who have done the same from generation to generation; and the proof of this is seen in their yellow and dry appearance, like the florins of the republic, which, from being constantly gazed upon, have become reflected in them.
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