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From pereiopods I to V, pale red spots were observed across a small area of the 4th podite (Fig.
The gutter on the 2nd podite of pereiopod VII extended to only 80% of its length, but it ran the entire length of the 2nd podite on pereiopod VI.
On pereiopod VI, many narrow cuticular protrusions were seen on the surface of the cuticle in the gutter of the 2nd podite.
El Ghisulpho me ha dicto vuole cavare l'acqua dentro quelli revolti del palazo vechio, che sara una buona cossa e dice porasse godere: parendo a Vostra Signoria poterite farge intendere fara bene a farlo e, parendo a quella, podite fare scrivere al Vicario de Gonzaga ge daga li homini secondo ge domandara.
boliviensis amber podites or markings; apex of Brooks & Engel clypeus dark brown, without transverse amber mark 6(5).
One of the bugs has landed on his head, the creature's podites getting caught in his curly hair.