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A bitter-tasting resin obtained from the dried root of the mayapple and used in medicine as a caustic.

[New Latin Podophyllum, genus name (Greek pous, pod-, foot; see ped- in Indo-European roots + Greek phullon, leaf; see bhel- in Indo-European roots) + -in.]


(ˌpɒdəʊˈfɪlɪn) ,



podophylin resin

(Pharmacology) a bitter yellow resin obtained from the dried underground stems of the May apple and mandrake: used to treat warts and formerly as a cathartic
[C19: from New Latin Podophyllum genus of herbs including the May apple, from podo-, from Greek pous foot + phullon leaf]


(ˌpɒd əˈfɪl ɪn)

a light brown to greenish dried resin obtained from podophyllum and used in an ointment for the removal of warts.
pod`o•phyl′lic, adj.
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Chemical constituents: Podophyllin, podophyllotoxin, quercitin and B-peltatin (Prajapati et al.
However, antiviral medication such as acyclovir or gancyclovir, topical podophyllin or even surgical excision can be used, although recurrence is common as long as the cause of immunosuppression is present (32).
Tenders are invited for Supply of Ketoconazole lotion 2% bott of 75ml, Minoxidil 5 % Lotion bott of 60 ml, Podophyllin Resin 20% bott of 10 ml, Pyrantel Pamoate 250 mg/5ml susp, Salicylic Acid 3 - 5% and Coal tar 1 - 3% soln, Bottle, Tretinoin 0.
Topical 20% Podophyllin lotion was applied to the lesion once weekly under supervision and the same treatment was repeated for 6 weeks.
Topical agents include metronidazole, clotrimazole, podophyllin.
Twenty-four hours post podophyllin ingestion, the child's GCS remained 5/15; however, he had now developed abnormal neurological signs, including hypotonia, areflexia with no clonus and reduced power in all limbs, but with no evidence of a pseudobulbar palsy.
Selection of producing podophyllotoxin endophytic fungi from podophyllin plant.
Jackson and Dewick (1984), for example, found that the content of podophyllotoxin, which is isolated from podophyllin (a resin produced by species of the genus Podophyllum, commonly known as 'may-apple'), is much higher (4.
Several important antitumor drugs have been isolated from plants, such as paclitaxel, the vinca alkaloids, camptothecin, podophyllin and others.
erosion due to podofilox, imiquimod, cantharidin, fluorouracil, or podophyllin toxin) Aphthous ulcer Atrophy Bartholin's abscess Candidiasis Carcinoma Chronic irritant contact dermatitis Endometriosis Herpes (simplex and zoster) Immunobullous diseases (including cicatricial pemphigoid, pemphigus vulgaris, linear immunoglobulin A disease, etc.
Cytotoxic agents: Though scissor excision is the most preferred methods for genital warts, topical preparations of cytotoxic compounds like Podophyllin or Trichloroacetic acid are also utilized in USA and Europe (26).
Chemovesicants include podophyllin and trichloroacetic acid, which are often tried for anogenital warts.