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 (pŏd′zôl′) also pod·sol (-sôl′)
A leached soil formed mainly in cool, humid climates.

[Russian : pod, under; see ped- in Indo-European roots + zola, ashes; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.]

pod·zol′ic adj.


(ˈpɒdzɒl) or


(Geological Science) a type of soil characteristic of coniferous forest regions having a greyish-white colour in its upper leached layers
[C20: from Russian: ash ground, from pod ground + zola ashes]
podˈzolic, podˈsolic adj
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Noun1.podzol - a soil that develops in temperate to cold moist climates under coniferous or heath vegetationpodzol - a soil that develops in temperate to cold moist climates under coniferous or heath vegetation; an organic mat over a grey leached layer
dirt, soil - the part of the earth's surface consisting of humus and disintegrated rock
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Three soil orders, Sodosols, Chromosols, and Kurosols, exhibit a strong texture contrast between the A and B horizons, and a fourth order, Podsols, exhibits accumulations of organic matter and sesquioxides in the B horizon and can be considered as duplex soils under the Australian Soil Classification (Isbell 2002).
However, the various strands of on-site evidence, particularly the micromorphology, point to turfs cut from the surface of peaty podsols or gleys, in damp grassy areas, as being a much more important source of fuel than deep peat, wood or dung.
The levels of these 3 elements in the soil DTPA and plant extracts are shown in Table 3; in most instances the level of Cu, Mn, and Zn in both the extracts at the higher rate of soil amendments is greater for the DAP amendment than the lime amendment, for the Podsols and Ferrosols.