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A poetic expression that is hackneyed, archaic, or excessively artificial.


(Poetry) a poetic style or expression


(poʊˈɛt əˌsɪz əm)

1. a poetic expression that has become hackneyed, forced, or artificial.
2. poetic quality.


the qualities of bad poetry: trite subject matter, banal or archaic and poetical language, easy rhymes, jingling rhythms, sentimentality, etc; the standards of a poetaster.
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The feminist argument built into the poetic narration is at the same time, however, surrounded by the discourse of prosaic realism that effectively contradicts the political value of this poeticism.
Beyond the poeticism of his language is a recognition that humanism can re-appear, but it must first pass through a specific death--the death of metaphysical humanism.
Standing 5' 10" in ballet slippers, her long legs unfold and retract with melodious poeticism.
11) The poem's long Closing injunction, beginning with "So wrap care up in a cobweb, / and drop it down the well / into that world inverted," refers to a world that has only a notional existence, as the ironic image of the cobweb and the equally ironic poeticism "world inverted" make clear.
During Coldplay iHeartRadio Album release party for 'Ghost Stories' in Burbank, the British singer asserted that he and Gwyneth Paltrow decided about 15 years ago that they would be open and vulnerable which meant that what one sometimes lost in poeticism, was gained just by truth, People Magazine reported.
The corporeal reality of the present moment takes precedence over acts of memory or hypothetical projections, and the language of everyday life pushes away preciosity and poeticism.
The Carnival for male chorus is the closest to the period poeticism, which is, by the way, also palpable in the second quartet, reflecting the wide popularity of hiking at the time.
Following chapters touch on polygamy and poeticism, how India shaped the debate, and social discipline and cultural diversity.
Sawalha says the play is more a product of his imagination "rooted in reality" than a documentary drama, and with its evocative vocal music and visuals there is a dream-like quality to the scenes and an often pleasing poeticism - indeed the project started as a poem a decade ago.
The poeticism of the term was hardly helpful when 74 people died and hundreds more were injured as fans of two Egyptian soccer clubs clashed in Port Said on February 1st.
Sennegon, Corot learned to appreciate the solitude and poeticism of nature.