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 (pə-gō′nē-ə, -gōn′yə)
Any of various small terrestrial orchids of northern temperate regions that are or were previously classified in the genus Pogonia and have pink or whitish flowers.

[New Latin Pōgōnia, genus name, from Greek pōgōn, beard.]


(Plants) any orchid of the chiefly American genus Pogonia, esp the snakesmouth, having pink or white fragrant flowers
[C19: New Latin, from Greek pōgōnias bearded, from pōgōn a beard]
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Noun1.pogonia - any hardy bog orchid of the genus Pogonia: terrestrial orchids having slender rootstocks and erect stems bearing one or a few leaves and a solitary terminal flowerpogonia - any hardy bog orchid of the genus Pogonia: terrestrial orchids having slender rootstocks and erect stems bearing one or a few leaves and a solitary terminal flower
orchid, orchidaceous plant - any of numerous plants of the orchid family usually having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colors
genus Pogonia - small but widely distributed genus of orchids closely related to genus Cleistes;: of damp or boggy areas of north temperate zone
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Spreading pogonia, grass pink and a variety of different Spiranthes give the impression of some sort of grandiose Jackson Pollock painting, with random explosions of vibrant colors splattered with abstract expression over the otherwise monochromatic green hue of the savanna in the spring.
These habitats support a rich diversity of life, including two rare plant species--swamp pink (Helonias bullata) and small whorled pogonia (Isotria medeoloides).
Nestled on an unassuming mountain slope, deep in the understory of the 2,700-acre Schunnemunk State Park in Orange County, lies one of the rarest plants in eastern North America: the small whorled pogonia (Isotria medeoloides).
Less common potential increasers with fire in this region include Aletris aurea, Aureolaria pectinata, Eryngium yuccifolium, Eurybia hemispherica, Gentiana villosa, Gratiola pilosa, Helianthus silphioides, Liatris squarrulosa, Matelea carolinensis, Phlox pilosa, Piptochaetium avenaceum, Polygala cruciata, Pogonia ophioglossoides, Sabatia campanulata, Silphium integrifolium and Xyris jupicai (Denley et al.
Likewise, the presence of Pogonia species such as P japonica and P minor in eastern Asia as well as P ophioglossoides in eastern North America helps to paint a picture of what must have been a continuous flora between these two continents at a time prior to Pleistocene glaciation events.
During the site survey, an endangered plant species, the Whorled Pogonia was discovered and 15 acres were set aside to accommodate two nature preserves on the campus.
I knew from field conversations with local botanists and government officials that the small whorled pogonia survived in scattered pockets of Virginia, but was rather scarce in the northern regions where I predominantly worked.
Ovarian development, fecundity, and spawning frequency of black drum Pogonia cromis in Louisiana.
In the proposed Burke Branch Wilderness, for instance, visitors can discover six-foot-tall cinnamon ferns, the rare whorled pogonia, and the last known mesic barren in North America.
The Park Service hopes to find the small whorled pogonia in more than one national park.
The floral biology of Arethusa bulbosa, Calopogon tuberosus, and Pogonia ophioglossoides (Orchidaceae).
These include rose pogonia and grass pink, both of which produce delicate blossoms.