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Noun1.pogonion - the craniometric point that is the most forward-projecting point on the anterior surface of the chin
craniometric point - a landmark on the skull from which craniometric measurements can be taken
jawbone, jowl, lower jaw, lower jawbone, mandible, mandibula, mandibular bone, submaxilla - the jaw in vertebrates that is hinged to open the mouth
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Pogonion (Pog): Length between bony Pog and its horizontal projection (Pog') over the vertical passing through soft tissue pogonion.
Facial swelling measurements were taken by marking 6 points on the face on the following facial landmarks; mandibular angle, tragus, lateral canthus of eye, alar base, lip commissure and pogonion.
The maximum mandibular length was the distance from the pogonion (the most anterior point of the mentonian prominence) and the tangent perpendicular of the posterior part of the condyle.
The lines used in this study to determine the lip projection where the S-line described by Steiner, ranging from soft tissue pogonion to half of columnela's nose, which should touch both lips.
It was found that maxillomandibular advancement increased airway dimensions by increasing the distance from the occipital base to the pogonion.
Distance: UCI/AP (upper central incisor/Pogonion A) ICI/AP (lower central incisor/ Pogonion A), and interincisal and vertical angle (UCI/PP distance (upper central incisor/palatal plane), upper first molar/PP), LCI/PM (lower central incisor/mandibular plane), first lower molar/PM); In addition, the interincisal angle was measured.
B (Supramentale): The most posterior point on the curvature of the mandible between the pogonion and the crest of the mandibular alveloar process.
Size of the sympheseal graft is limited by roots of the mandibular anterior teeth and the pogonion, while the primary limitation of the ramus graft is the inferior alveolar nerve canal.
Several investigators have shown that it is possible to clinically alter the growth direction of the maxilla [4,14,16-18] Williams and Melsens [13,19] demonstrated that an increased posterior maxillary vertical height resulted in a backward rotation of the mandible and pogonion.
17, 18, 19), La convexidad facial corresponde a la distancia en milimetros medida desde el punto A de Downs al plano facial, entre los puntos Nasion (N) y Pogonion (Pg).
A pesar de esto, la medida Distancia Pogonion perpendicular a N mostro numericamente una disminucion marcada de 6,41 mm en el 2009 a -16,82 mm en el 2012, posiblemente debido a una posicion mas caudal de la cabeza en la ultima toma, la cual no altero el avance que se observo clinicamente en el menton.
La convexidad facial corresponde a la distancia en milimetros medida desde el punto A de Downs, ubicado en la zona mas concava de la linea que une la espina nasal anterior con la cresta del proceso alveolar superior, al plano facial, definido entre los puntos Nasion (N) y Pogonion (Pg) (Figura 1).