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[From Western Shoshone pakenappeh : pakena-, fog (akin to Cahuilla páxiš, fog, both Shoshone and Cahuilla from earlier *pa-ki-, perhaps ultimately from Proto-Uto-Aztecan *pā-, water) + -ppeh, suffix for stative nouns or nouns considered to be in an inalterable state.]


(Physical Geography) an icy winter fog
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Noun1.pogonip - a dense winter fog containing ice particles
fog - droplets of water vapor suspended in the air near the ground
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Known out west by the charming name of pogonip, it was also called, more appropriately, white death.
6, Justin and Selena were spotted riding segways on Pogonip Park in Santa Cruz.
On a recent sunny afternoon, I was walking on our City Greenbelt lands known as The Pogonip, when I saw a woman walking toward me with a huge umbrella over her.
At Pogonip park, just east of UC Santa Cruz's campus, the redwoods shoot sky-high.