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n.1.Same as Poicile.
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Zeno lectured at a public hall called the Stoa Poikile ("Painted Colonnade"), and his philosophical school became known as the Stoa.
We are told that Polygnotus painted her image into the Stoa Poikile and Cnidian Leche paintings of the Sack of Troy, even going so far as to alter the myth slightly to include her in the Athenian version (Plutarch, Cim.
Em relacao a estas pecas a autora defende que a representacao iconografica do fim da guerra de Troia em Atenas, nomeadamente na ceramica e nas pinturas da Stoa Poikile, da um papel regulador aos Atenineses face aos aliados gregos e a devastacao da cidade vencida.
Strolling again across the sulfurous terrain of Baudrillard's Stoa Poikile (theory as "the painted porch") leads me to the inescapable conclusion that here was a man not opposed to coming down off his perch if he felt like it, even if he sometimes refused to climb back up again.
461 or later, among the murals on the Stoa Poikile and the completion of Pheidias's statue of Athena Promachos.
The Stoa Poikile, or Painted Porch, in Athens was the covered colonnade to which the paradox-fond philosopher Zeno and his followers resorted.