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An organism, such as a fish or reptile, having a body temperature that varies with the temperature of its surroundings.

[Greek poikilos, spotted, various; see peig- in Indo-European roots + -therm.]

poi′ki·lo·ther′mi·a (-thûr′mē-ə), poi′ki·lo·ther′my (-thûr′mē) n.
poi′ki·lo·ther′mic (-mĭk) adj.


(ˌpɔɪkɪləʊˈθɜːmɪk) or


(Zoology) (of all animals except birds and mammals) having a body temperature that varies with the temperature of the surroundings. Compare homoiothermic
[C19: from Greek poikilos various + thermal]
ˌpoikiloˈthermism, ˌpoikiloˈthermy n
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Adj.1.poikilothermic - of animals except birds and mammals; having body temperature that varies with the environment
cold-blooded - having cold blood (in animals whose body temperature is not internally regulated)
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Typically, temperature elevation accelerates poikilothermic growth until a species-specific thermal maximum is attained, beyond which growth and/or survival is depressed (Kinne 1970, Hochachka & Somero 2002).
Since adult myiasis-causing flies are poikilothermic, their activity is affected by weather conditions (mainly temperature [9]).
For poikilothermic groups such as insects, the capacity to adapt to different temperature regimes is particularly important for invasive species.
Most fish species cultivated in aquaculture are poikilothermic and are adapted to lower temperatures (Heuer et al.
2008), poikilothermic (cold-blooded) animals (Sutherst et al.
Ranaviruses are emerging infections in ectothermic and poikilothermic vertebrates.
Being poikilothermic, their metabolism and growth can be regulated by temperature.
Poikilothermic animals' body temperature varies in accordance with the ambient temperature of their environment.