point count

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point′ count`

1. a method of evaluating a bridge hand by assigning values to high cards and certain distributions.
2. the total of such points in a hand.
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With just eight points the difference between third and fifth it's very tight making every point count and with Cleckheaton expected to win at home to Huddersfield YMCA this is a must-win game for us," admitted director of rugby Jan Van Deventer.
Tender Point Count is one of the techniques used to clinically diagnose fibromyalgia; the assessment requires that there is pain when applying finger pressure to 11 or more of the 18 American College of Rheumatology defined pressure sensitive tender points scattered over the neck, back, chest, elbows, hips, buttocks, and knees.
Each point count consisted of an initial 10-min observation period, during which the number and sex of bronzed cowbirds were recorded, as well as their distance from the point.
Fifteen (15) Minneapolis libraries acquired in 2008 are not included in this building and point count.
Amongst both years and all study plots, we conducted over 3,000 12-m net-hours, 300 survey hours, and eight point count hours.
Point count locations were established within grassland habitats by examining aerial photos of each study site in a Geographic Information System.
All Elite members can deploy unlimited, fully licensed copies of the Opendiem Building Automation Software Suite including all client services, and connectivity drivers up to the annual point count limit determined by their membership level.
Optical methods of evaluating nodularity by comparison charts or the point count method are very subjective and depend on the skill of the operator in polishing the sample and interpretation of the microstructure.
Patients were followed by visual analog scale, tender point count, and Beck Depression Inventory for clinical improvement.
Jeremy conducted ruffed grouse drumming surveys on the property each spring and did point count surveys of songbirds in later years.
Within each site, 18 permanent point count plots were established in 1996.
Your reader is most influenced by what he or she sees first; make your first point count.