point of intersection

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Noun1.point of intersection - a point where lines intersectpoint of intersection - a point where lines intersect  
point - a geometric element that has position but no extension; "a point is defined by its coordinates"
metacenter, metacentre - (shipbuilding) the point of intersection between two vertical lines, one line through the center of buoyancy of the hull of a ship in equilibrium and the other line through the center of buoyancy of the hull when the ship is inclined to one side; the distance of this intersection above the center of gravity is an indication of the stability of the ship
vertex - the point of intersection of lines or the point opposite the base of a figure
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THEIR POINT OF INTERSECTION, which no traveller has yet been able to reach, is the very heart of Africa, and it is thither that all efforts should now be directed.
Lashing the two topmasts together, and making allowance for their unequal length, at the point of intersection I attached the double block of the main throat- halyards.
Her pure, red lips half smiled; her serene and candid brow became troubled, at intervals, under her thoughts, like a mirror under the breath; and from beneath her long, drooping, black eyelashes, there escaped a sort of ineffable light, which gave to her profile that ideal serenity which Raphael found at the mystic point of intersection of virginity, maternity, and divinity.
But the trail still continued to bend to the right till it promised to make a loop, and the point of intersection seemed to be the edge of the plantation where the horses had been left.
If driven sharply back by a sudden onset of the enemy--and pickets are not expected to make a stand after firing--the men would come into the converging roads and naturally following them to their point of intersection could be rallied and "formed.
Method 1 resulted in a restrained joint length of 53 feet on each side of the elbow point of intersection (PI).
The unique point of intersection is (3, 2), so the repeated root is z = 3 + 2i.
As the point of intersection of the two posterior distributions has been considered as the threshold, the asymmetric distributions imply a drop in [P.
It is to be proved that the third point of intersection also rests on the same chord.
The presence of a confraternity-like scuole, associated with this order, reveals an easily overlooked yet significant point of intersection between professed religious and the laity.
To be sure, this claim builds a bridge between the Syrian regime and Western public opinion, and another bridge that connects the regime to a point of intersection between Russia and America.