point of purchase

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point′ of pur′chase

a retail outlet, mail-order house, or other place where an item can be purchased. Abbr.: POP, P.O.P.
Also called point′ of sale′.
point′-of-pur′chase, adj.
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Forward-looking statements in this release include, but are not limited, references to: Shell rolling out the POSA program to its 600 Canadian gas stations, Shell maintaining the rapid growth of prepaid cellular in their stores, and DataWave's system allowing long distance phone cards to be activated and PINs from all major cellular service providers to be delivered on demand directly to the point of purchase at most major retail chains.
Point of Purchase graphics provides the same benefit.
We can provide the confidence and benchmarks to help advertisers be smarter and spend their point of purchase money more efficiently.
Management believes, however, that its creative marketing strategy, which includes unique packaging, an eye catching point of purchase display and creative sales promotion will enable Thomas to achieve its goals.
Tucker established relationships with companies implementing multimillion dollar Point of Purchase (POP) programs.
Businesses can do Point of Purchase electronic checks using a Verifone(TM) 3750 terminal combined with a Verifone(TM) or MagTek(TM) check imager.
Electronic Recovery also develops and markets eSoftPay Countertop, which is an electronic check solution that allows businesses to do Point of Purchase electronic check transactions using a Verifone(TM) 3750 terminal combined with a Verifone(TM) or MagTek(TM) check imager.
through its Sparks Exhibits & Environments and DMS Store Fixtures subsidiaries, is engaged in the design, marketing and production of trade show, museum, theme park and themed interior exhibits, store fixtures and point of purchase displays.
Dynamic currency conversion instantly lets European customers see exactly what their overseas purchase will cost by locking-in the currency conversion equivalent at point of purchase.