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 (pwăn′tə-lĭz′əm, point′l-ĭz′əm)
A postimpressionist school of painting exemplified by Georges Seurat and his followers in late 19th-century France, characterized by the application of paint in small dots and brush strokes.

[French pointillisme, from pointiller, to paint small dots, stipple, from Old French *pointille, engraved with small dots, from point, point, from Latin pūnctum, from neuter past participle of pungere, to prick; see peuk- in Indo-European roots.]

poin′til·list adj. & n.
poin′til·lis′tic adj.


(Art Terms) relating to pointillism
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Adj.1.pointillistic - of or relating to pointillism
patterned - having patterns (especially colorful patterns)
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Eckardt used silence as a key component, causing breath-taking tension in the omnipresent plucky pointillistic fulminations.
It ranged from Takemitsu's pointillistic Rain Tree Sketch II, every drop falling from its leaves delicately captured by Grimaud, to the sultry nocturnal Spanish dance rhythms of Albeniz's Almeria.
Examples of George Seurat's pointillistic artworks are the inspiration for the next step of the project--stippling over the lines of their transferred drawings with black fine-tip permanent markers.
The writing is sparest, even pointillistic, at the melodramatic climax.
The photograph showed Rovello in the foreground with bleachers of scattered fans in the background, but Sheikh changed it to a brightly colored, almost pointillistic, background "to embody what Alex brought to life.
5 is dedicated to Henri Dutilleux [recently deceased French composer] and shows Auric's development as a composer, with a more streamlined, almost pointillistic approach to the sonorous possibilities of the piano.
It was faced with ebony, trimmed with gold and hung with purple sill In 1999 a replica of its bow was built for a $28 million ABC Cleopatra mini-series, along with six models of the whole barge, emphasizing authenticity and paying pointillistic attention to detail.
Its introduction and sixteen representative stories, some fantastic, others not, by authors born after 1945 also fill out the pointillistic picture of the landscape of Mexican fiction created by the thirty-four (much shorter) stories in Three Messages.
The cycle commences with the two unified variations highlighting one of Hersch's favorite 12/8 buoyant rhythmic feels coupled with a pointillistic texture that effectively dislocates the melody.
Styron's ardent, sophisticated and entirely winning memoir, Reading My Father, is a pointillistic accounting of the drama that brewed throughout her young life.
In this case, the rich, multiauthor catalogue accompanying the show offers a substantial remedy--and, again, several artists in "Hanging Fire" also compensate by critically engaging the very notion of a Pakistani idiom, as in the skillful explosion of cross-cultural imagery surrounding turbaned men in Faiza Butt's pointillistic Get Out of My Dreams II, 2008.
The immense canvas, nearly 7' x 10', has iconic significance as an example of pointillism, though, in fact, it is transitional in brushwork, displaying typical impressionist brushwork and pointillistic daubs.