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Noun1.pointing trowel - a trowel used to fill and finish masonry joints with mortar or cement
trowel - a small hand tool with a handle and flat metal blade; used for scooping or spreading plaster or similar materials
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To fill this in, you will need to get a small amount of mortar on your brick trowel and smooth this down into a 1cm layer with your pointing trowel.
Mix your concrete in the tub, but you'll need two things to apply it - a plastering hawk (or a square of wood if you don't want to get one of these) and a pointing trowel.
Alternatively, use a pointing trowel with sand and cement and fill each gap.
Pointing tools - these would include a couple of buckets, a pointing trowel, a brick jointer, a finger pointing trowel, a large soft brush, paint brushes, watering spray.
Tools 18v cordless grinder Stone blades Dust mask Safety specs Pointing trowel Bucket Materials Sand Cement STEP 1Wear safety specs and a dust mask, and use your small 4 inch grinder to grind out the existing defective cement to an equal depth of about 25mm.
TOOLS AND MATERIALS 18v cordless grinder Stone blades Dust mask Safety specs Pointing trowel Bucket Sand Cement 1.
A small pointing trowel or filling knife can be used to apply this mix.
There are a few tools you'll need for this job: a hand brush (that you don't mind ruining), a pointing trowel, a hammer and a tool called a cold chisel.
Apply it to the top and bottom of the coving using a pointing trowel.
8 Once the airbrick is in place, use a pointing trowel to form a neat finish to the mortar bed.