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Adj.1.pointy-toed - having a pointed toe; "pointy-toed shoes"
toed - having a toe or toes of a specified kind; often used in combination; "long-toed; "five-toed"
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CROPPED CULOTTES & STILETTOS A SMART but casual look as they rock stylish culottes contrasting with figurehugging tops and pointy-toed high heels.
In Grade 4, the 'smart' kids were all wearing pointy-toed Beatle boots with their short pants.
These pointy-toed unisex boots deliver a wallop of ass-kicking style.
She looked like a nun in her black robes and wimple - but as she came nearer, Wesley could see she had pointy-toed shoes, and looked rather medieval.
If you wear it with pointy-toed pumps or a 3-inch heel, it's more professional, polished, ready for a meeting.
Wintour is always seen sporting the same nude, pointy-toed slingbacks since 1997, News.
Kurt Geiger London -- Autumn Winter 2013 is all about Kurt Geiger London pointy-toed 'Court Collection', 'Everything but the dress' line of accessories and Kurt Geiger's signature stilettos.
Every female wears pointy-toed shoes with heels of various heights on her impossibly tiny feet, the males have animal heads and many bodies are perforated, with one hacked into segments.
She's wearing her favourite dress decorated above the hem with a scene of children pursued by a jester; his turned up pointy-toed shoes and hat with bells amidst a flock of lush green trees.
There was a cowboy boot from the Zac Brown Band, and a pointy-toed boot from the Broadway show "Wicked.
ChaplinAEs shoes seem to have made a comeback in fashion but they are now long, shiny and pointy-toed, and people actually wear them to work.