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 (pōk′ro͞ot′, -ro͝ot′)
1. The poisonous root of the pokeweed.
2. See pokeweed.
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Traditional and historical naturopathic approaches to uterine fibroids have included castor oil packs over the liver, low-fat/low-saturated-fat/high-fiber diets, alterative herbs (Corydalis tubers, black alder bark, mayapple root, figwort flowering herb, yellow dock root); Turska's formula (gelsemium root, pokeroot, aconite, and bryonia--consult a botanical expert, as these are toxic herbs); and thuja, red root, mountain ash bark, prickly ash bark, Stillingia root, Helonias root, mayapple root, and ginger root.
To ease the scalp irritation, try using something called pokeroot ointment.
This book offers vital advice on how to start developing a herb garden, how to maintain the plants organically and also has a comprehensive Top 100 list of McVicar's favourite herbs, and includes chamomile, echinacea, bay and pokeroot.