polar opposite

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that which is conspicuously different in most important respects.

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For the polar opposite of Isabelle, look no further than whoever scrawled slogans of hate on a new Sikh temple.
The former Liverpool manager appears to be the polar opposite of the type of candidate Lee Charnley, the club's chief executive, is looking for.
By making the difficult decision to work with the Liberal Democrats in 2010, we have shown that we are able to work with even those who are at a polar opposite to us.
We also know that Roy is his polar opposite - the Street's own version of a gentle dormouse.
We, as Blues fans, are tired of being angry so we want this to be the polar opposite.
The Lowland is centered around two brothers born just fifteen months apart, who in the 1960s are drawn to polar opposite movements.
Am and Miriam Margolyes being the sort of polar opposite double act that created amazing screen chemistry.
We expect the show to keep going, but imagine that, behind the scenes, Ryan Seacrest and others are doing all they can to avoid becoming the polar opposite of a star: a has-been.
The deep mutual dislike between Tottenham and Chelsea should also warn off Spurs chairman Daniel Levy, however much he wishes to appoint a man who is the polar opposite of Harry Redknapp (and AVB certainly ticks that box).
Incredible that two of the country's most senior legal eagles look at a judgment and come up with polar opposite views - and it's STILL the SFA's fault
Just five days after reaching next month's final with a sensational comeback at Barcelona, the Blues produced the polar opposite of a European hangover to crush Rangers 6-1, their biggest ever win in the west London derby.
His view was the polar opposite of then Chancellor Geoffrey Howe, who argued for the "managed decline" of Liverpool.