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An instrument used to measure the rotation of the plane of polarization of polarized light passing through an optical structure or sample.

po′lar·i·met′ric (-lər-ə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
po′lar·im′e·try n.


the measurement of the polarization of light, as with a polarimeter.
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Indeed, thanks to this larger frequency allocation, the next generation of SAR satellites will be able to offer high-quality 25cm resolution imagery and quad polarimetry data to visualise imagery in colour and better analyse surface features such as infrastructures and vegetation.
Polarimetry measurements were performed utilizing a PI000 from A.
IXPE uses X-ray polarimetry, which is the measurement and interpretation of the polarization of electromagnetic waves, to improve our understanding of how X-ray emission is produced in objects such as neutron stars, pulsar wind nebulae, and stellar and supermassive black holes.
The study of solar and stellar polarimetry is one of the most fascinating aspects of astronomy, as the associated observations hold a treasure of clues, relative to the structure and functioning of the Sun, the stars, and the galaxies [76,77].
Products were analyzed by IR, GC, GC-MS, and proton and C-13 NMR, and by polarimetry.
Optical coherence tomography (OCT), scanning laser polarimetry (SLP) and confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (cSLO) can be used to provide objective and quantitative measurements of parameters such as RNFL thickness, ganglion cell layer (GCL) thickness and neuroretinal rim area.
In a previous study which was performed through measurement of the peripapillary RNFL by scanning laser polarimetry, CQ-users were found to have thinner layers compared to healthy controls.
The final chapter discusses a variety of important techniques: astrometry, polarimetry and magnetometry, as well as Solar-specific instrumental and observational issues and the influence of computers and the Internet on computational astrophysics--which is now in its Golden Age.
13]C NMR, ESI-MS, IR, polarimetry, and melting point analyses.
Collaborating with the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Professor Alexandre Lazarian, developer of the Radiative Alignment Torque (RAT) theory for grain alignment, and researchers from as far away as Hawaii and Finland, Andersson and Lazarian's team used optical and near infrared polarimetry, high-accuracy optical spectroscopy and photometry, and sensitive imaging of a near infrared emission line of H2 for their studies.
Dollfus obtained definitive polarimetry evidence for dust clouds above the surface of the Moon, albeit in Langrenus crater and not Aristarchus.
For polarimetry, we expect the limiting to be ~15 mag with ?