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v. po·lar·ized, po·lar·iz·ing, po·lar·iz·es
a. To induce polarization in or impart polarity to.
b. To design so as to permit light only of a certain polarization: Are these sunglasses polarized?
2. To cause to divide into two conflicting or opposing groups: The issue of slavery polarized the nation.
1. To acquire polarity.
2. To cause polarization of light or permit light of a certain polarization.
3. To become divided into two conflicting or opposing groups: The town is polarizing into opposing factions over the issue.

po′lar·iz′a·ble adj.
po′lar·iz′er n.


(ˈpəʊləˌraɪzə) or


a person or a device that causes polarization
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In addition to investing in capacity expansions and R&D mainly focusing on polarizer films and related materials in Japan, Nitto Denko is planning to continue investing in expansions of downstream polarizer processing lines in Taiwan, Korea and China.
After staring at the paper for a few seconds, place the circular polarizer at a comfortable distance between the paper and your eyes.
There are three main components to our apparatus: 1) the decay spectrometer, 2) the neutron polarizer, and 3) the neutron source.
One of the preferred characteristics of this type of polarizer is its independence from the antenna properties.
They studied a large number of two-photon emissions from calcium atoms by setting up polarizers at opposite ends of a room, independently and randomly changing the polarizer settings between emissions and observing how many photons managed to get through instead of being absorbed.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication of Polarizer beam Splitter cube with holder as per the specifications.
The novelty of our approach is that instead of being conducted externally, which requires bulky and expensive optical components, manipulation of the beam polarization is achieved by directly integrating the polarizer on the laser facet," he added.
A wire-grid polarizer and a force sensor with digital pressure read-out are optional.
With most stages allowing study using both transmitted and reflected light, the new imaging station also contains a long working distance condenser with a 10x phase ring and polarizer which is mounted above an adjustable diaphragm in the base.
4]) angular accuracy in the orientation of the neutron polarization vector and the requirement that the efficiencies of analyzer and polarizer are equal at the level of [10.
The Anti-Reflective (AR) surface treatment on the front polarizer enables these rugged, high-performance modules to provide the ideal solution for a wide range of applications with varying ambient light conditions, including high brightness and outdoor environments.