polarizing microscope

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po·lar·iz·ing microscope

A microscope in which the object viewed is illuminated by polarized light.
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Lot 2 - Supply polarizing microscope to visually evaluate the results of protein crystallization,
Within the realm of formulation, The LV100N research polarizing microscope, the multi-purpose AZ100 Multizoom upright zoom microscope, covering a wide range of magnifications, and Nikon's top of the range high zoom SMZ25 and SMZ18 stereomicroscopes, in particular, can be used to study a wide range of properties.
0%) of polymer PiBMA were mixed into the pure EBHA and then homogenized with an ultrasonic mixer at 85[degrees]C for 1 h and uniform dispersion of polymer has been ensured by looking under a polarizing microscope (Radical RXLR-5).
Oremicrocopy is one of the classical, but most useful techniques to identify the opaque mineral by reflected-light polarizing microscope.