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An electrochemical method of quantitative or qualitative analysis based on the relationship between an increasing current passing through a solution and the increasing voltage used to produce the current.

po·lar′o·graph′ic (-lăr′ə-grăf′ĭk) adj.
po·lar′o·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.polarographic - of or involving polarography
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Tenders are invited for Delivery of a polarographic / voltamperometric system for heavy metal analysis for the needs of "VIK" EAD, Burgas, with characteristics and performance requirements, detailed in the technical specification, an integral part of the public procurement documentation.
After incubation, Clark's polarographic construction type probe was dipped in flask was left undisturbed for about 15 minutes till the reading of the meter became stable.
1) activity of liver and BAT was measured with polarographic method using oxygen electrode (Hansatech Instruments LTD.
We did not measure pO[sub]2 with the Eppendorf polarographic electrode, so the correlation of R2* values and pO[sub]2 is not clear.
Sayed, Polarographic Determination of Metronidazole in Pharmaceutical Formulations and Urine, J.
The aeration rate was 1 vvm and the dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration was measured using a polarographic electrode (Applikon Biotechnology[R], USA).
Heyrovsky, "Practical Applications of the Polarographic Method in Chemistry" Enlarged Russian Edition.
The microcell was fitted with a polarographic oxygen sensor (model 1302; Strathkelvin) connected to an oxygen meter (model 782; Strathkelvin).
2] of bladder urine such as polarographic electrodes, fiberoptic probes, magnetic resonance imaging, and standard blood gas analyzer.
The activities of the mitochondrial respiratory chain segments in myoblasts were assessed by polarographic method (Oroboros, Austria) as respiration rates (V[O.
By contrast, polarographic measurements by Whitfield et al.