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One that propels, supports, conveys, or strikes with a pole.


1. (Horse Training, Riding & Manège) another name for pole horse
2. (Nautical Terms) a person or thing that poles, esp a punter


(ˈpoʊ lər)

1. one that poles.
2. a pole horse.
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Noun1.poler - a draft horse harnessed alongside the shaft or pole of a vehicle
draft horse, draught horse, dray horse - horse adapted for drawing heavy loads
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The polers ran along the sides of the boat glancing over their shoulders at the end of the day's journey.
The polers ran smartly along the sides of the boat, looking over their shoulders at the beginning of a weary journey.
Additionally, fans can enter-to-win weekly prizes including Blundstone #800 Ducati Scrambler boots, gear from leading outdoor brand Poler Stuff along with the grand prize-a new Ducati Scrambler.
South of downtown, Thalia Surf Shop features wetsuits and surf gear from small independent brands like Matuse, Deus Ex Machina, and Poler.
The seed round was co-lead by CrunchFund and Core Ventures Group and was followed by Angel Ventures Mexico, The Sobrato Family Holdings, Ariel Poler, Guadalajara Angel Investor Network and Javier Orozco.
Initially working only with the help of my wife Helen on the Merriam Road Conservation Area and the privately owned lands of the Poler and Martin families in Grafton, I enlisted the critical support of noted disease specialist Dr.
He also had to shop around for the saucers in which to serve the Champagne sorbet, a dish presented after the creamy mousselines de volaille and before the saddle of venison (la selle de chevreuil poler Grand-Veneur).
The flat transom on the back allows the poler to spin the skiff quickly and sharply to give an angler the best possible angle for making a presentation to unsuspecting fish.
Kosir, 2003; Poler Kovacic, 2003, 2008; Erjavec & Poler Kovacic, 2010) in general, insufficient self-regulation in the media and frequently inefficient legal sanctioning of any law transgressions.
It was more of the same in second half befre Poler eased off the closing stages.
Seniors Anne Poler, Carolyn Frey, and Larry Parr found support from 16 other college students from around the country, with whom they had spent the previous semester at Casa de la Solidaridad at the University of Central America, where the Jesuits were killed in 1989.
Paul Orfalea, who founded Kinko's and later sold the company to Federal Express for more than $2 billion, epitomizes the classic South Poler.