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One that propels, supports, conveys, or strikes with a pole.


1. (Horse Training, Riding & Manège) another name for pole horse
2. (Nautical Terms) a person or thing that poles, esp a punter


(ˈpoʊ lər)

1. one that poles.
2. a pole horse.
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Noun1.poler - a draft horse harnessed alongside the shaft or pole of a vehicle
draft horse, draught horse, dray horse - horse adapted for drawing heavy loads
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The polers ran along the sides of the boat glancing over their shoulders at the end of the day's journey.
The polers ran smartly along the sides of the boat, looking over their shoulders at the beginning of a weary journey.
In addition, he said the canoe needed someone who was used to as it did not balance and at times, it could embarrass the poler by capsising.
As soon as YouTuber/influencer Michelle Poler was introduced as the speaker to the students of Miriam College, the Henry Sy Innovation Center auditorium was filled with dance music, and Michelle went up to the stage and started dancing (like no one was watching).
Poler, a man who wore black duck-taped glasses, drove a rambling duck-taped car, and might have been something of an "eccentric.
Dwight Poler and Michael Siefke, Managing Directors at Bain Capital, said: We are pleased that the required majority of STADAs shareholders has decided to accept our very attractive second Takeover Offer.
Porem, mesmo com os incentivos de reducao de custos e possibilidades de inovacao e operacionalizacao da cadeia colaborativa de valor (Boza, Cuenca, Poler.
A lighthearted approach to the outdoors informs the entire worldview of Portland-based retailer Poler.
El modelo SCOR ofrece una vision clara de los procesos desarrollados en la cadena de suministros, lo que permite optimizar el uso de recursos y facilitar los procesos de arbitraje, tal y como lo plantean Brennan (1998), Vickery y otros (2003), Breen (2004), Beery y Vallianatos (2004), Stadtler y Kilger (2005), Mckone, Hamilton y Willis (2005), Garcia y otros (2009), Sanchis, Poler y Ortiz (2009), Amaya y otros (2010), Reveco y Weber (2011), Aguilar, Garrido y Gallego (2013) y Aguilar y Garrido (2013).
Products from Oregon companies are being displayed in the ads, Gagliano said, including Columbia Sportswear, Danner Boots and Poler Gear.
The seed round was co-lead by CrunchFund and Core Ventures Group and was followed by Angel Ventures Mexico, The Sobrato Family Holdings, Ariel Poler, Guadalajara Angel Investor Network and Javier Orozco.
Mula, Poler, Garcia-Sabater, y Lario (2006) realizan un gran avance al considerar el modelado de la incertidumbre en los problemas de planificacion de la produccion dirigida a investigadores de gestion de produccion.