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Noun1.police boat - a boat used by harbor policepolice boat - a boat used by harbor police  
boat - a small vessel for travel on water
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As he was still trying some last hopeless tests he heard for the first time voices from farther up the river, and saw a police boat shoot up to the landing-stage, with constables and other important people, including the excited Paul.
He had signalized his arrival in London, some months ago, by going overboard from a police boat into the Thames to rescue a half-drunken lighterman, and when the Humane Society had voted him their medal, he had accepted it only on condition that the presentation was private and kept out of the papers.
Police boats are on patrol duty about us all the time, and it is as much as a sailor's liberty is worth to show himself in a red shirt.
The river, which had a certain amount of troubled yellow light in it, ran with great force; bulky barges floated down swiftly escorted by tugs; police boats shot past everything; the wind went with the current.
The subject of the contract, both with respect to the rhine-strip boats and the canal strip boats, are the planning, construction, production, successful testing and the transfer and delivery of two ready-to-operate rhine strip boats, a ready-to-use canal strip boat and, if the option is exercised, another police boat in the form of a rhine strip boat or canal strip boat for the wasserschutzpolizei nrw at the police headquarters duisburg with all necessary equipment and inventory components.
A spokesman of Dera Ghazi Khan Police told Radio Pakistan that during exercises the police boat was pulled in a water whirlpool due to which it capsized in river.
A 42-year-old sailor aboard a commercial ship off the coast of Limassol was picked up by a port police boat on Friday afternoon after showing signs of having suffered a heart attack.
A port authority vessel, an all-weather lifeboat from Angle RNLI station and a police boat were involved in recovering the body.
There was said to have been a minor collision with a police boat.
The teenager quickly took action, utilising the knowledge imparted by his father, a marine scientist, he entered the water along with four others, directing the whale out to where the police boat could then move it along.
He was surprised to see a police boat with lights flashing pull up at the yacht club as they put Bin Laden 1 on to a trailer.
The powerboats were led out by a police boat, past watching crowds, and formed a circle close to the crash scene.

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