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Noun1.police boat - a boat used by harbor policepolice boat - a boat used by harbor police  
boat - a small vessel for travel on water
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As he was still trying some last hopeless tests he heard for the first time voices from farther up the river, and saw a police boat shoot up to the landing-stage, with constables and other important people, including the excited Paul.
Police boats are on patrol duty about us all the time, and it is as much as a sailor's liberty is worth to show himself in a red shirt.
The river, which had a certain amount of troubled yellow light in it, ran with great force; bulky barges floated down swiftly escorted by tugs; police boats shot past everything; the wind went with the current.
There were divers on a police boat searching parts of the river.
A port authority vessel, an all-weather lifeboat from Angle RNLI station and a police boat were involved in recovering the body.
There was said to have been a minor collision with a police boat.
The teenager quickly took action, utilising the knowledge imparted by his father, a marine scientist, he entered the water along with four others, directing the whale out to where the police boat could then move it along.
At one point a Spanish Civil Guard launch struck a small Gibraltar police boat but an apology from the Spanish authorities defused tensions over the accident.
He was surprised to see a police boat with lights flashing pull up at the yacht club as they put Bin Laden 1 on to a trailer.
The powerboats were led out by a police boat, past watching crowds, and formed a circle close to the crash scene.
So, there I was with a brand new PWC, trying to pull along side a shiny police boat with two stern looking policemen who I'm sure would much rather be spending the day with their families than pulling over knuckleheads.
A SPECIALIST police boat which will carry out high visibility marine patrols to combat crime and terrorism has been launched on Merseyside.

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