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Noun1.police detective - a police officer who investigates crimespolice detective - a police officer who investigates crimes
dick, gumshoe, hawkshaw - someone who is a detective
plainclothesman - a detective who wears civilian clothes on duty
police officer, policeman, officer - a member of a police force; "it was an accident, officer"
tracer - an investigator who is employed to find missing persons or missing goods
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A FORMER police detective has denied raping two women while he was serving with the South Wales force.
A Springfield man faces federal charges after he allegedly had 2 1/2 pounds of heroin delivered to Lane County last week, intending to sell it to a buyer who was actually an under cover police detective.
A FEMALE police detective whose body was found in woodland was yesterday described as an "exceptional officer".
Set to an original score by composer Bradley Sowash, the full-length, film-noir--ish ballet features a rich heiress, a bumbling police detective, and a super sleuth.
It was fairly clear that there was not a strong relationship,'' Los Angeles police Detective Richard Wheeler said.
A prison inmate brought a civil rights suit against a police detective who took a blood sample from the inmate as part of a criminal investigation of a prison assault.
When Carrie McCrite, senior pro-bono detective and companion friend of retired police detective Henry King, decide to embark on a trip to an elder hostel in the city of sin, they quickly become mired in past and present ghosts.
Former police detective "Scottie" Ferguson (Stewart) is hired to trail a disturbed socialite (Kim Novak).
On January 27, 1997, FBI agents and an Alexandria police detective traveled to Dickerson's residence.
Whoopi plays Candy Bliss, the police detective who helps unravel the mystery and who happens to be--you guessed it--a lesbian.
South Wales Police Detective Constable Jeffery Davies, 41, of Church Street, Pontsticill, Merthyr, based at Merthyr Tydfil Police Station, is pleading not guilty to all charges.