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Noun1.police van - van used by police to transport prisonerspolice van - van used by police to transport prisoners
van - a truck with an enclosed cargo space
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According to police, there was a delay in the ambulance arriving so officers decided to take Mr Grugel to hospital via a police van, with his family and friends.
Jahanian -- Two under arrest suspects were killed allegedly by their accomplices after a police van came under attack within Jahanian police jurisdiction in Multan on Sunday.
A POLICE officer has been found guilty of assaulting a drunken man in the back of a police van.
PESHAWAR -- A policeman was killed and three others injured when unknown motorcyclists ambushed on police van in the jurisdiction of Pishtakhara Police Station on Friday night.
Police officials said that a police van was returning from Taunsa Sharif carrying alleged terrorists Mohammad Hanif and Raja Iftikhar
NNA - A bomb blast hit a police van in Karachi Friday, killing at least two policemen and wounding 14 other people, officials said, the latest violence in Pakistan's strife-torn biggest city.
ISLAMABAD, Feb 3 (KUNA) -- At least two policemen were killed and two others wounded in a roadside blast targeting a police van in northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan, said officials on Tuesday.
Tenders are invited for (1) New Unmarked Police Van.
The incident happened in the early morning when the vehicle from Maltepe prison was waylaid by a car in the yard of the hospital and the men in the car launched an armed attack to take the prisoner from the police van.
The officers were among seven hurt in a motorcycle bomb attack targeting a police van in the northwestern town of Bannu, which has a history of violence, much of it targeting security forces.
A boy apparently in his teens approached the police van on foot and exploded the suicide vest he was wearing, Kamran said.
Yesterday, a roadside bomb struck a police van in the Southern Ghazni province, killing three police and wounding two others, a local police official said.