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n. pl. po·leis (-lās′)
A city-state of ancient Greece.

[Greek; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl poleis (ˈpɒlaɪs)
(Historical Terms) an ancient Greek city-state
[from Greek: city]


(Law) Scot and Irish the police or a police officer
[C19: a variant pronunciation of police]


(ˈpoʊ lɪs)

n., pl. -leis (-līs).
an ancient Greek city-state.
[1890–95; < Greek pólis, pl. (Ionic) póleis]


a combining form meaning “city” (metropolis), often used in the formation of place names (Annapolis).
[comb. form representing Greek pólis polis]


The Greek term for a city-state—an area dominated by and administered from a central fortifiable town.
References in classic literature ?
Then he saw the Saddhu fall sheer into the hands of the polis - all the effect of thy art.
Simpson translates such famous transliterations as polis and politeia as "city," and "regime.
Second, Patterson appears to ignore an objective political element capable of serving as a guide and component in the Greek concept and ideal of freedom, and that is the idea that the polis itself served as a powerful communal model for a developing sense of private or individual freedom: I refer to the ideal state of absolute 'political' independence, of identity, with the indelible marks of autarcheia and autarkeia, sovereignty and self-sufficiency, that were supposed to underpin and define the city-state.
I don't really inspect the back of the bag when I buy chips,'' says Sean Polis of West Hills.
His predecessors are driven by their fear of diversity to demand an extreme unity that is ultimately destructive of life because it denies or seeks to eliminate the multiplicity that characterizes the world we encounter through our senses, which is the world where the polis must exist.
From pasture to polis is one result of these trends, and of growing interest in the Dark Age, in America as well as Britain.
An artificial reef off the Polis coast to attract diving tourism and protect marine biodiversity could be constructed by as early as 2017.
This phenomenon is one of the most remarkable characteristics of ancient Greek urbanism yet the impact public monuments had on polis society and culture has never been subject to systematic investigation.
Representative Polis stands out as a leader committed to promoting excellence and innovation in public education.
REPRESENTATIVE JARED POLIS, an entrepreneur-turned-politician, Congress does not disappoint.
The Atlanta branch joins the growing list of Claddagh pubs after other openings in Indiana- polis, Pennsylvania, Alabama and Kansas.
Indeed, the greatness and honor of the polis defined those of its members.

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