political asylum

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مَلجأ سِياسي
azylpolitický azyl
politikai menedékjog
pólitískt hæli
politický azyl
siyasi sığınma hakkı

political asylum

nasilo politico


(ˈpolitiks) noun singular or plural
the science or business of, or ideas about, or affairs concerning, government.
poˈlitical adjective
of, or concerning, politics. for political reasons; political studies.
poˈlitically adverb
poˌlitically corˈrect adjective
(also PC) (of language or behaviour) that does not offend particular groups of people. It is politically correct to use `he or she', and not just `he', when you mean a man or a woman.
ˌpoliˈtician (-ˈtiʃən) noun
a person whose job is politics; a member of parliament.
political asylum
protection given by a government to a foreigner who has left his own country for political reasons.
political prisoner
a person who has been imprisoned for political reasons and not for any crime.
political ˈscience noun
a field of study dealing with politics, government and other political institutions.
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RUSSIAN national Natalia Konovalova, who sought political asylum in Cyprus and whose extradition was requested by the Russian Federation after she was found guilty of fraud and sentenced -- in absentia -- to five years in prison, was sent back to Russia last Sunday, the Cyprus Mail has learned.
In a written response to questions raised by Senator Talha Mahmood it was told that according to details obtained by Foreign Ministry around 15,597 Pakistanis have submitted applications for the political asylum in Germany and America between the year 2010 and 2015.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Ecuador has extended political asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has spent over two years inside Ecuador's London embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden, the Universo newspaper reported.
THIS country can pride itself in its record of accepting those who have sought political asylum.
whistleblower Edward Snowden's political asylum status in Russia has expired while his extension application is still under process.
The unarmed 31-year-old hijacker requested political asylum in Switzerland, he said, however he would be put behind bars for no less than 20 years.
Russia did not grant political asylum to the family of Ata Jurt faction's leader Kamchibek Tashiev, the press service of the Russian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan reported.
Snowden's temporary political asylum in Russia is about to expire in August 2014.
Confirming the report, Yasin Al-Qassim, spokesman of the Jazan Governorate, said: "The three officers had requested political asylum, and their requests have been granted after proper inquiries.
Summary: Russia should grant Edward Snowden political asylum, because he is a human rights defender and .
THE man who leaked details of the US spying on the internet has applied to Russia for political asylum.
CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden yesterday applied to Moscow for political asylum -- raising fears that diplomatic tensions between Russia and the US could worsen.

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