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Noun1.political commissar - an official of the Communist Party who was assigned to teach party principles to a military unit
functionary, official - a worker who holds or is invested with an office
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Among further consequences of the catastrophe Roberts cites the return of political commissars with veto powers over military decisions and the use of so-called blocking detachments, whose task it was to shoot on the spot anyone turning tail.
It seems we can afford Political Commissars and shop stewards but not librarians on planet Kirklees.
Chisi added: "The speculations are made by media houses and journalists who have become political commissars of certain formations and they have lost credibility after the President touched down at the airport and went straight into a cabinet meeting.
Communist armies, and the PLA was no exception, were run through a dual authority system in which political commissars were attached to all formations at all levels to ensure ideological purity and to keep an eye on the military commanders.
Much like the "politruks" -- political commissars -- in the Soviet Union.
Later, the political commissars also collected the passports of all dead volunteers and together they were used to create identities for Soviet agents.
The Soviet headquarters in Moscow, supplemented on the spot by political commissars with no military knowledge, constantly second-guessed these commanders and inhibited their clumsy efforts to maneuver the half-formed mechanized units.
With political commissars now to be appointed by political fiat or executive order to head all federal agencies, the assault on our democratic way of life is even clearer.
This is the same job that the political commissars had in the old Soviet Union in maintaining the party line.
Their topics include factors and phases of army involvement in domestic politics, myths about political commissars, and dual-use technologies.
The Soviet Party, the KGB, and the armed forces with their political commissars remain intact.