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Noun1.political contribution - a contribution made to a politician or a political campaign or a political party
donation, contribution - a voluntary gift (as of money or service or ideas) made to some worthwhile cause
soft money - political contributions made in such a way as to avoid the United States regulations for federal election campaigns (as by contributions to a political action committee)
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Clearly, companies planning on contracting with states and local governments must have a political contribution compliance program in place.
Ethics Commission President Gil Garcetti was fined $1,000 on Tuesday for what was described as an inadvertent political contribution to the 2005 campaign of his son, council President Eric Garcetti.
Although the concept of political contribution incentives has been around for decades, the programs have been subject to surprisingly little scholarly study.
In addition, Sears has hired a senior executive compliance officer to review the company's political contribution practices.
His party needs to say ''no'' to the LDP scheme to ease regulation of political contribution disclosure, because there is no possible justification for the coalition's plan.
STEVE Bing is in yet more legal hot water - this time over a political contribution.
Under the rule, a municipal bond firm or dealer is barred from transacting any municipal bond business with any city or town within a two-year period after any political contribution to any official of the municipality by such a firm, firm-controlled PAC, or finance professional of the firm.
The expanded feature will now check contribution databases and alert if an employee did not receive clearance prior to making a political contribution or contributed a different amount than approved.
org, the largest airline passenger advocacy organization, has filed comments with the US Department of Justice calling for the release of lobbying, political contribution and negotiating communications that preceded the sudden November settlement of the Obama Administration's antitrust suit to block the largest airline merger in US history.
As part of the agreements, the boards of directors at all four companies will oversee the companies political contribution policies and practices.
Murph said he hadn't known a political contribution could jeopardize the church's tax-exempt status until Parks' campaign returned the check.
Since 1993, the Clinton administration, Democratic members of Congress, federal judges, and NLRB members appointed by Clinton have been engaged in a vast ruling class conspiracy with union leaders to keep employees covered by union contracts ignorant of their First Amendment rights under Beck, making it as difficult as possible for them to object and recover the political contribution portion of their dues.