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Noun1.political hack - a politician who belongs to a small clique that controls a political party for private rather than public endspolitical hack - a politician who belongs to a small clique that controls a political party for private rather than public ends
pol, political leader, politico, politician - a person active in party politics
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Last December, Zuma abruptly replaced a respected finance minister with a political hack, leading to a national outcry that forced him to install a more acceptable choice.
I believe that Coventry needs an MP who will be a champion for this city, not just a party political hack.
The coalition's barely concealed agenda is to replace our proven system of government by an independent, well-qualified professional subject to council supervision with a so-called strong mayor form that will subject Worcester to the reign of a political hack who will be more susceptible to control by public employee unions, regardless of costs to taxpayers and the rights of non-union workers.
This is just more sloppy attacks from a political hack group.
It makes him an easy target for the less scrupulous, and the film's tension comes as we watch Stephen being manipulated by forces beyond his control to compromise his beliefs and eventually become exactly the kind of Machiavellian political hack he hates.
Columnist Michelle Goldberg's delightful takedown of the Jewish Republican political hack Lisa Baron's new memoir.
While Labour party blogger Political Hack suggested: "Rumour has it he will join Blue on stage in bid to win Eurovision.
However, while he considered Jefferson a political hack, he thought Burr dishonorable.
Since the recipient is just as guilty (in the eyes of the law) of distributing child porn as the sender, we should encourage teenagers who decide to "sext" someone to send the pictures to a local political hack or officer of the law as well.
THE great question facing California is this: Do we want as our governor a political hack who has sold him or herself over a long political career, or do we want a self-financing egomaniac?
Arthur who as Whalen shows enjoyed a career as a political hack became president when James Garfield was assassinated.
THERE'S nothing journalists like more than writing about other journalists, so it's a joy to report the news that Cardiff's Guto Harri, top BBC political hack, is leaving behind the profession to earn some proper money with PR firm Fleishman Hillard.