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Many efforts were made during this period to organize the perishing farmer class into a political party, the aim of which was destroy the trusts and corporations by drastic legislation.
You are compelled to form a new political party because the old parties are in the hands of the trusts.
Strangers of limited information and dull apprehension were sometimes observed not to know what a Powler was, and even to appear uncertain whether it might be a business, or a political party, or a profession of faith.
This organisation of the proletarians into a class, and consequently into a political party, is continually being upset again by the competition between the workers themselves.
I computed the number of our people, by reckoning how many millions there might be of each religious sect, or political party among us.
So also, as regards the Judge Pyncheon of to-day, neither clergyman, nor legal critic, nor inscriber of tombstones, nor historian of general or local politics, would venture a word against this eminent person's sincerity as a Christian, or respectability as a man, or integrity as a judge, or courage and faithfulness as the often-tried representative of his political party.
In verse 20, Zarathustra makes yet another attempt at defining his entirely anti-anarchical attitude, and unless such passages have been completely overlooked or deliberately ignored hitherto by those who will persist in laying anarchy at his door, it is impossible to understand how he ever became associated with that foul political party.
Islamabad -- All political parties are informed that according to Article 13 of the Political Parties Order 2002, every political party is required to submit a consolidated statement of accounts of the party, duly audited by a Chartered Accountant to the Election Commission.
From a political point of view, the use of National Salvation Front in the same time as power structure and political party also showed a tendency of continuity.
Another novelty is suggested increase of the number of founders of a political party from 10 to 120 citizens of Kyrgyzstan.
Arguably, civil society and political party relationship is complex and lacks intellectual consensus (Heinrich, 2005).
It may be recalled that Article 13 of the Political Parties Order 2002 provides that every political party shall submit to the Election Commission with sixty days from the close of each financial year a consolidated statement of accounts of the party duly audited by a Chartered Accountant containing annual income and expenses sources of its funds and assets and liabilities.