political scientist

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political science

The study of the processes, principles, and structure of government and of political institutions.

political scientist n.
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Noun1.political scientist - a social scientist specializing in the study of government
social scientist - someone expert in the study of human society and its personal relationships
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Other speakers included Dan Hays, former speaker of the Senate; U of C political scientists Anthony Sayers and Melanee Thomas; and political scientist Ian Urquhart from the University of Alberta.
Bulgariaas nationalist leader Volen Siderov is not fit to head the parliamentary body for corruption combat and should be dismissed, a respected political scientist argues.
Sukumar, a political scientist in Delhi University.
PNN Deconstructing the UN Bid On Tuesday, 4th December, at 7:30 PM,AICafe invite you to attend a presentation and discussionwith regard to Palestine's status as a Non-member Observer State with Palestinian political scientist Xavier Abu Eid.
com)-- Professional spelunker, gold prospector and political scientist Martin Silenus will be celebrating the launch of his highly anticipated science fiction e-novelette, The Song of God, by offering it for free to Amazon.
Summary: ABU DHABI - Chief Justice Dr Abdul Wahab Abdoul and prominent Arab political scientist Dr Abdulkhaleq Abdullah will lead a symposium on May 28 on the 'Legal and political viewpoint on the Iranian occupation of the UAE's three islands'.
Obama's claim was based on research by Princeton University political scientist Larry Bartels.
Gerstenfeld interviews political scientist and best selling author Dan Vittorio Segre:<br/>"The political support of the Berlusconi governments for Israel and other favorable factors gave Italyas Jews new self-confidence".
Political scientist Sefer Tahiri is convinced that at next parliamentary elections, topics related to the ethnicity will dominate again.
Emil Souleimanov, a Chechen political scientist, perhaps put it best when he described Doku Umarov as a man with a "rather unclear past".
00--The author is a political scientist who seeks to provide sophisticated (or, in one of his favorite words, "elegant") arguments to justify public policies that are perennially suspect in the eyes of perhaps most of the citizenry.
As a political scientist, I'll stake the reputation of my profession on it.

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