political sympathies

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Noun1.political sympathies - the opinion you hold with respect to political questions
opinion, persuasion, sentiment, thought, view - a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty; "my opinion differs from yours"; "I am not of your persuasion"; "what are your thoughts on Haiti?"
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In noveldom woman still sets the moral standard, and to her the males, who are in full revolt against the acceptance of the infatuation of a pair of lovers as the highest manifestation of the social instinct, and against the restriction of the affections within the narrow circle of blood relationship, and of the political sympathies within frontiers, are to her what she calls heartless brutes.
The government has allowed political sympathies to hobble this effort, but we encourage the Minister to join CP in supporting this important safety initiative.
It has been obvious to me for some time that Alan Titchmarsh's political sympathies lie with the Conservatives and we stopped watching his programme.
Its aim is to supplement geographic and demographic targeting by building profiles of individuals' political sympathies and attitudes and micro-focusing a party's campaign communications accordingly.
Palestine is more than a flag and an anthem, and Palestinians are united by more than their factional affiliation, political sympathies or their detestation of the Israeli soldier and the military checkpoint.
Now that he is manager of Sunderland, the Italian is insisting that he holds no such political sympathies.
In addition to its various Muslim groupings, there are Christians of different ethnic backgrounds (Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholics, Armenians, Syrian Roman Catholics, Circassians), as well as Druze, two and half million Kurds and an estimated one and half million Iraqi refugees, whose political sympathies remain unknown.
Many of Kyrgyzstan's estimated 700,000 ethnic Uzbeks live in the south, and though few express theological or political sympathies with radical jihadis being trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan, some are more favourably inclined to them, out of sheer anger, than before.
Elections and politics are inseparable, of course, but efforts by national Democratic leaders to pressure Massachusetts officials into moving the state's presidential primary should be rejected by everyone, regardless of party affiliation or political sympathies.
What might seem an abandonment of the radical political sympathies and representation critique of his earlier work is, however, a turn to the development of an equally radical aesthetic form.
KYIV, Ukraine, March 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Acting head of state Viktor Yanukovych is the leader of political sympathies rating in Ukraine.
But this is why we watch them - at least those of us who are unwilling to indulge our political sympathies at the expense of the intricacies of the human condition.