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Noun1.political unit - a unit with political responsibilities
body politic, country, nation, res publica, commonwealth, state, land - a politically organized body of people under a single government; "the state has elected a new president"; "African nations"; "students who had come to the nation's capitol"; "the country's largest manufacturer"; "an industrialized land"
Holy Roman Empire - a political entity in Europe that began with the papal coronation of Otto I as the first emperor in 962 and lasted until 1806 when it was dissolved by Napoleon
social unit, unit - an organization regarded as part of a larger social group; "the coach said the offensive unit did a good job"; "after the battle the soldier had trouble rejoining his unit"
union - a political unit formed from previously independent people or organizations; "the Soviet Union"
Palestine Authority, Palestine National Authority, Palestinian National Authority - combines the Gaza Strip and the West Bank under a political unit with limited autonomy and a police force; created in 1993 by an agreement between Israel and the PLO
cadre, cell - a small unit serving as part of or as the nucleus of a larger political movement
amphictyony - an association of neighboring states or tribes in ancient Greece; established originally to defend a common religious center
lunatic fringe - a political unit with extreme and fanatical views
revolutionary group - a political unit organized to promote revolution
form of government, political system - the members of a social organization who are in power
pressure group, third house, lobby - a group of people who try actively to influence legislation
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Robinson, the head of political and economic affairs at the US consulate general in Karachi, along with Adam Zerbinopoulos, who heads the political unit, visited Nawabshah on Thursday.
They need to clean up the most basic political unit of our country," the senator stressed.
Chaggaris began working for CBS in 1999 as an associate producer in the Political Unit and covered John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign as an embedded campaign reporter.
Pyongyang is also carrying out a sweeping ideological scrutiny of the political unit of the military for the first time in 20 years, according to Kim Byung-kee, another lawmaker in the committee.
He noted a Supreme Court decision penned in 2004 that cited the role of the barangay "as a basic political unit, the barangay serves as the primary planning and implementing unit of government policies, projects and activities in the community.
I use the term "concentration" to refer to an uneven geographic distribution of capital punishment activity within a political unit.
Gianfranco Miglio, one of the best political scientists in Europe and my professor at the Catholic University of Milan, wrote, already in 1995, that the EU as a political unit would have no future at all.
What's needed to make it happen is for Birmingham to grasp the nettle and make 'Ringby' a political unit.
From Sultanahmet Square in ystanbul, where the so-called Islamic State recently killed 10 German tourists, to the fight in Yemen, from the chaos in Libya to the Persian Gulf, the region is enveloped in a permanent disorder that is marked by a number of characteristics: (1) The nation-state as a political unit has lost its credibility; (2) Driven by political rivalry, sectarian relocation/ethnic cleansing will continue until each ethnicity/sect/sub-identity finds new security in their respective territorialities; (3) All actors will suffer from an immense destruction of infrastructure, loss of human resources and diminished capacity to rebuild new economies; (4) None of the regional actors or the global powers are in a position to predict the outcome of this process.
A Fort Worth native and UT-Austin grad, Abby began her journalism career as a desk assistant at NBC News in Washington, working her way up to the political unit, where she researched stories for Nightly News, the Today Show and Meet the Press.
I want to wish all my colleagues all the very best both here and at Stormont, especially my friends in the political unit.
This is an important cross-disciplinary work that brings into focus the international importance of this major political unit.