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1. The casting and registering of votes in an election.
2. The number of votes cast or recorded.
3. polls
a. The places where votes are cast and registered during an election, considered as a group: The polls close in this state at 8:00.
b. A place where votes are cast and registered: I went to the polls before work to cast a vote.
4. A survey of the public or of a sample of public opinion to acquire information.
5. The head, especially the top of the head where hair grows.
6. The blunt or broad end of a tool such as a hammer or axe.
v. polled, poll·ing, polls
1. To receive (a given number of votes).
2. To receive or record the votes of: polling a jury.
3. To cast (a vote or ballot).
4. To question in a survey; canvass.
5. To cut off or trim (hair, horns, or wool, for example); clip.
6. To trim or cut off the hair, wool, branches, or horns of: polled the sheep; polled the trees.
To vote at the polls in an election.

[Middle English pol, head, from Middle Low German or Middle Dutch.]

poll′er n.


1. (Historical Terms) obsolete a person who plunders
2. (Hairdressing & Grooming) Northern English a person who cuts hair
3. (Forestry) obsolete a person who trims trees
4. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a person who votes
5. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) obsolete a person who registers voters
6. (Statistics) a person who conducts polls
7. (Computer Science) computing telecomm a unit that gathers information about the status of other devices in a network and reports back to a central station
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And the fourth, is the poller and exacter of fees; which justifies the common resemblance of the courts of justice, to the bush whereunto, while the sheep flies for defence in weather, he is sure to lose part of his fleece.
Drivers For Tractor/ Cranes/Fork Lifters/Backhoe Loader/Road Poller In Different Shifts As Per Terms & Condition Enclosed.
LOCAL HERO JAN POLLER has spent 23 years running a league for disadvantaged kids, who wouldn't otherwise get the chance to be involved in tournament football.
Site24x7, the cloud infrastructure monitoring service from ManageEngine, today announced the launch of the Site24x7 Mobile Network Poller App.
Placement of street furniture (6 pieces indicator column 2 fountain, garden bench 19 pc, 30 pc collection, stack four pieces of wood lattice, 14 bicycles, 10 existing poller relocation, 1 sales pavilion, event tent 1)