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1. Polyester.
2. Polyethylene.


polyadenylic acid


n, pl polys
(Education) informal short for polytechnic
1. (Textiles) informal short for polyester
2. (Textiles) informal short for polythene


(ˈpɒl i)

n., pl. pol•ies.
2. a garment made of polyester.
[by shortening]


a combining form with the meanings “much, many” and, in the names of chemical compounds, “polymeric”: polyandry; polyethylene.
[< Greek, comb. form representing polýs; akin to Old English fela many. See plus]




n abbr
(British) = polytechnic
(=polyester) → polyester m
adj [fleece, sheet] → en polyesterpoly bag [ˌpɒliˈbæg] n (British)sac m en plastique


(Brit) abbr of polytechnic
abbr of polythene; poly bagPlastetüte f, → Plastiktüte f


n. poli, leucocito polimorfonuclear.
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Tom Kitten bit and spat, and mewed and wriggled; and the rolling-pin went roly- poly, roly; roly, poly, roly.
Poly's ratings benefit from a one-notch uplift due to the moderate linkages with its parent, state-owned China Poly Group Corporation (China Poly), in line with Fitch's Parent and Subsidiary Rating Linkage criteria.
8220;Drawtape poly bags are a great example of our product offerings: they're made from high-quality polyethylene, and, as with all of our bags, are available in different thicknesses depending on each manufacturer's durability needs.
1 (1) Beautiful Liar - Beyonce & Shakira (txt: THECHART POLY 01 to 84080)
Yet Poly somehow survived an off night from the top scorer in the City Section, coming from behind by as many as six points in the fourth quarter for a 60-58 victory over visiting Palisades in the City Section quarterfinals.
Poly acrylic will be used in such things as weather-resistant sealant for construction, electronic parts, oil-resistant gaskets for cars, and as adhesive device.
There's also big resin savings for ISO Poly in making thinner-gauge films, says Tom Saxton.
But a few extra grams isn't loading up, and polys do lower cholesterol (and may counteract the damage--if any--done by trans fats).
Carter is working on a biological response modifier called Ampligen (poly I poly C.
Excellent Poly Bags is reaching out to food manufacturers and merchants, in particular small business owners who might still be in the process of crafting a cohesive company image.
Cal Poly (10-9, 3-4) relied on a huge advantage in 3-point shooting, as the Mustangs scored 30 points off 3-pointers.