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Getting them together, she said that she really could not choose between them because she loved them both equally well; and that, unfortunately, since polyandry was not permitted in the United States she would be compelled to forego the honor and happiness of marrying either of them.
Recently, I met with a group of Indian Hindu expatriates, non-resident Indians, and discussed with them my brief thesis on the Indian culture in a nutshell: cow worship, monkey worship, elephant worship, money worship, devil worship, idol worship, cow urine drinking, polyandry, caste system, widow shaming.
Although polyandry has recently been abolished, polygamy still prevails in society, provided the consent of the first wife is obtained.
Jonas (2012:143) further elaborates that polygyny is when a man is married to more than one wife whereas polyandry refers to an arrangement where a woman is married to more than one husband.
An effective sperm competition avoidance strategy in crabs drives genetic monogamy despite evidence of polyandry.
The rate of extra-pair paternity is generally low in raptors and owls and its presence in some species is tightly associated with sequential polyandry which can rarely occur in years with high food availability.
408, 410, 414 where she does cite Denkard, "Acts of the Religion," 7: 21-25) that Muslim and Zoroastrian sources routinely denounced Khurramiyya and Mazdakite polyandry respectively.
Q6: Should practices like polygamy, polyandry and friendship deeds be banned or regulated?
A genetic assessment of polyandry and breeding-site fidelity in lemon sharks.
Over some 50 densely argued pages toward the end of The Nativist Prophets of Early Islamic Iran, using sources, besides Herodotus, that range from hostile Muslim missionaries to Buddhist pilgrims, she establishes that polyandry, the lending of wombs, and the renting of inseminators were not uncommon and that incestuous marriage was encouraged under Zoroastrian law.
Male reproductive fitness and queen polyandry are linked to variation in the supergene Gp-9 in the fire ant Solenopsis invicta.
Some societies practiced polyandry, in which one woman married several men.