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1. Having many centers, especially of authority or control.
2. Having several central parts, as a chromosome with multiple centromeres.
A polycentric chromosome.

pol′y·cen′trism n.


(Biology) biology a type of chromosome
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Regarding the Urban Policy, ministers looked at small and medium sized cities in Europe and so as to promote a polycentric development in order to ensure good living and working conditions for the citizens all over Europe.
All these crises arise from systemic problems regarding attempts to freeze the process of forming polycentric world," Lavrov said.
Only when the North collaborates as a proper, polycentric urban system will it be able to act as a real counterweight to London and the South East.
Specifically, the authors discuss Perlmutter's (1969, 1979) four approaches to staffing international operations--ethnocentric, polycentric, geocentric, and regiocenteric--before presenting "a model delineating factors that may determine the choice of these options" (p.
Indeed, in today's polycentric world MNEs are in competition to find the best workforce to conduct R&D activities, and these specialists can be spread across many jurisdictions.
The particular settlement model developed by Poux on the grounds of the situation observed in Auvergne supposes contemporaneity of three functionally diverse urban settlements in proximity, constituting a kind of polycentric urban landscape.
This is linked to an objective process of forming a new and more polycentric and democratic system of international relations that should reflect a geographic and civilizational variety of the modern world, or in other words, a body that pretends to play the role of global management and that should reflect the world in which this body exists," he said.
The emergence of Sana'a's polycentric structure was never planned by public authorities, who are more concerned with the preservation of the old city center.
197) The most influential streams among the diverse approaches New Government has to offer are Reflexive Law and Polycentric Governance.
In sum, what ultimately accounts for the stability and workability of any given set of hard legal institutions (be it monocentric or polycentric, coercive or voluntary, monopolistic or competitive, etc) is the underlying set of corresponding soft legal institutions, i.
The problem is that not everyone has Greater Manchester's nicely polycentric coherence - seven of its nine surrounding boroughs sharing borders with the core city; or its unambiguous identity, its established record of co-operation, and, above all, its undisputed name.