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A polymer in which the repeating unit contains two carbon atoms linked by an oxygen atom.
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GM Global Technology Operations has been granted a patent for a polymer comprised of a reaction product of an epoxy resin; a first crosslinking agent reactive with the epoxy resin and having a first molecular weight; and a second crosslinking agent reactive with the epoxy resin, wherein the second crosslinking agent is an amine having a polyether backbone, at least one amino group attached to the polyether backbone, and a second molecular weight of at least 2.
VORANOL 223-060LM Polyether Polyol is a high-performance polyurethane product that forms the backbone for a wide variety of adhesive, sealant and elastomer formulations.
A pioneer in the field of silicones for personal care products, SESA's KF-6004 features a unique ABA chemical architecture that combines polyether and a large silicone block to deliver an optimal surface orientation.
London, Mar 5 ( ANI ): Researchers have identified how antibiotic-producing bacteria challenge a longstanding set of chemical rules, thus paving the way for new synthesis of polyether drugs.
is subjected to a catalyzed reaction with an alkyl polyether [R.
The driving forces behind this increased popularity are the superior performance and environmental compliance characteristics of polyether based sealants and adhesives compared with many urethane- and silicone-type products.
Both the polyether (type: 83A10) and polyester (type: 80A) thermoplastic polyurethane were supplied by Bayer Company (Germany).
Antiblaze TL-10-ST is a high-viscosity, high-molecular-weight, chlorinated phosphate for automotive and furniture slabstock and molded polyether foams.
3M ESPE announces the results of clinical studies of its Impregum polyether impression materials.
K brevis produces at least nine structurally related polyether brevetoxins (PbTxs; Baden 1989; Baden et al.
The coating is made of a polyester-polyether block copolymer comprising a polyester component and a polyether component.
Stochem will use its nationwide network to distribute the complete range of BASF's Lupranate[R] isocyabates and Pluracol[R] polyether polyols.