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For purposes of comparison: a conventional polyethylene bag takes up to 500 years to decompose fully.
The cotton draw string bag is another polyethylene bag in Excellent Poly's collection that boasts a special degree of durability well-suited to tradeshow settings.
Commonly, produce is shipped packed in a polyethylene bag inside a cardboard box.
The bell-shaped diaphragm is welded to a polyethylene bag that serves as a mixing chamber.
The HBB is a resealable, high-density polyethylene bag that is now included in each meal, ready-to-eat (MRE).
It consists of an injection-moulded base containing air freshener gel held within a perforated polyethylene bag.
Motorized fan units Food sealers of this type, which generally are entry-level to mid-priced units, utilize a small plastic fan that sucks air out of a lightweight polyethylene bag.
The filled pan is tipped to nearly a 60-degree angle and the apples are dumped into a polyethylene bag.
fasciata) by treating late bloomers with ethylene gas, Simply put the plant in a polyethylene bag, drop in a ripe apple, close the bag with twisted wire, and wait about a month for a flower spike to appear.
Standard fittings are packaged in a double polyethylene bag, ensuring the highest level of protection and contamination control.
The drawtape poly bag is also frequently used in hospitals; known as a patient care belonging bag when employed in a healthcare context, the polyethylene bag is used for personal items when a patient is first admitted for treatment.