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Noun1.polyfoam - a foam made by adding water to polyurethane plastics
polyurethan, polyurethane - any of various polymers containing the urethane radical; a wide variety of synthetic forms are made and used as adhesives or plastics or paints or rubber
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Meramec Group - Plasfi/Ecopur - Polioles SA de CV, Mexico - Polisystem - PolyOne Corporation - Polycoat Products - Polyfoam Products - Polyset Company Inc - Polytek Development Corp - Premium Spray Products Canada (formerly Hesterman Technical Services) - Travi Plasticos Industriais Ltda - UNIVAR - United Coatings Manufacturing Company - Urepol Polimeros Ltda.
The son of Bernard and Bernadette (Carpentier) Rogers, he worked at Bullard Abrasives in Westboro and then at Polyfoam in Northbridge.
The decision to rename EPS, which has previously been known as Styropor, Styrofoam, PSE, Piepschuim or Polyfoam to name but a few, has been initiated by Europe's EPS industry to give the material a name "truly reflective of its characteristics.
We're looking at a Polyfoam fence, similar to Berwick's," said Havelock.
Smith was involved in a huge chase in heat 13 behind both Robson and Richie Worrall but losing his footing on lap three went too hard too tight ending up into the polyfoam fence with the referee awarding a Newcastle 5-1.
Wide, solid polyfoam wheels offer a smooth ride over grass and sand and the front wheels swivel for maneuverability.
SPEEDWAY: Berwick could stage a World Championship event next season following the installation of a Polyfoam safety fence at Shielfield.
Manufacturers unique line of sewing notions, distributes full line of seasonal embroidered products, distributes full line of crafting polyfoam products, contract manufacturer for corporate and team logo wear.
Upper-elementary students learn terms associated with printmaking, create an appropriate design suitable for the medium, gain experience with printmaking tools, assemble a plate with polyfoam and pull two prints from the plate in "Polyfoam Printmaking" (page 34), a very popular project with young artists.
Double-sided, it has several pockets in various sizes for your hunting equipment, and the polyfoam padding in the back makes carrying treestands more comfortable.
OnCap PolyFoam chemical blowing-agent masterbatches with an expanded temperature range of 360 to 600 F are designed for polyolefins, styrenics, and engineering thermoplastics such as ABS, PC, PPS, PPO and some nylons.
The Copamex deal follows on from a long line of North American acquisitions in recent years--Alloyd (2003); Southeastern Packaging (2003); Specor Systems (2003); Packaging Resources (2002); Mid-Lands Chemical (2002), Polyfoam Packers (2002); Marko Foam (2001); Encore Paper (2001); ISC (2001); RPA (2001); G-P's away from home tissue operations (2001) and Tuscarora (2001).