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1. Relating to, characterized by, or practicing polygamy.
2. Botany Having both hermaphroditic and unisexual flowers on the same plant or on separate plants of the same species.

po·lyg′a·mous·ly adv.


(pəˈlɪg ə məs)

also pol•y•gam•ic

(ˌpɒl iˈgæm ɪk)

1. of, pertaining to, characterized by, or practicing polygamy.
2. Bot. bearing both unisexual and hermaphrodite flowers on the same plant or on different plants of the same species.
[1605–15; < Greek polýgamos. See poly-, -gamous]
po•lyg′a•mous•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.polygamous - having more than one mate at a time; used of relationships and individuals
monogamous - (used of relationships and of individuals) having one mate; "monogamous marriage"; "monogamous for life"
2.polygamous - having several forms of gametoecia on the same plant
monecious, monoecious, monoicous - having male and female reproductive organs in the same plant or animal


[pɒˈlɪgəməs] ADJpolígamo


[pəˈlɪgəməs] adjpolygame


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Although family reunification has represented a principal route to legal residence in France for African migrants since the 1970s, the recent prohibition of once tacitly accepted polygamous unions has generated conflicts and gender-based strategic responses as polygamously married women and men seek to retain legal status.
Each player in a cricket team, especially one that now embraces central contracts, so they are thrown together for longer periods than they ever are with their families (this winter, I have been told by one member of the support staff that, from the moment he leaves for Sri Lanka next month until he returns from New Zealand at the end of March, he will spend precisely 10 days at home), is in effect wedded polygamously to the other members of the team.
But our member states, and their peoples, think and act polygamously.