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Development from more than one source.

pol′y·ge·net′ic (pŏl′ē-jə-nĕt′ĭk), po·lyg′e·nous (pə-lĭj′ə-nəs) adj.
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The main target for the CGS study in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is the Baltic Basin (700 km x 500 km synclinal structure), a Late Ediacaran-Phanerozoic polygenetic sedimentary basin that developed in a pericratonic setting in the western part of the East European Platform.
Richter and Yaalon (2012) discussed this conceptual 'mirror-to-memory transition' and concluded that most soils comprise both characteristics that developed under the present environmental conditions, and features that reflect different conditions that the soils experienced in earlier periods of their residence time; they are thus polygenetic, representing both mirrors and memories of landscapes.
It was pointed out earlier that Eurasians qualify as mutations in the biogenetic sense as the monogenetic thesis of human origins has triumphed over the polygenetic, Diop, 1978, 1991; Wobogo, 1976.
Second period deposits (Lower Cretaceous) that are including volcanic rock, limestone, Silit and sand from foothill areas and foothill and high altitude mountain areas are consisted of Paleogene rocks and acidic tuff and polygenetic conglomerate.
Moreover, editor Adam Stewart emphasizes that "Pentecostalism is best understood as a truly global, polygenetic religious movement with multiple points of origination" (4).
The high variability of the trace metal composition of GA, including heterogeneous REE patterns, may point to the polygenetic nature of metal compositions, apparently formed as the cumulative product of multistage evolution.
Nadima Haj Ali and Aisha Khan presented their work on infection rates and polygenetic analysis of HGV/GBV-C among blood donors in Qatar, finding no significant difference between Qataris and non-Qataris.
The reasons why this topic remains debatable and debated are more logical than technological: I draw attention to the fact that all the models designed and tested until now--whether stemmatic or non-stemmatic --have given taxonomic results, that is, they prove that the documentary incompleteness of tradition, contamination, interpolation, and polygenetic phenomena are all factors which, even when resorting to mathematical calculations, do not yield exact solutions, but only approximate results.
One reason might be that T2Dm is a polygenetic disease, but there is another more important reason.
The polygenetic relations between the 50 isolates were obtained by building a Neighbour-joining (NJ) tree (JIN; CHAKRABORTY, 1993) using Populations 1.
They cover using LIDAR to model Mima mound evolution and regional energy valances in California's Great Central Valley, "pimple" mound microrelief in southern Saskatchewan, alpine and montane Mima mounds of the western US, the biodynamic significance of double stone layers in Mima mounds, the forgotten natural prairie mounds of the Upper Midwest, and the polygenetic origin of prairie mounds in northeastern California.
Because hypertension is a polygenetic disorder, innate sex differences in the genetic susceptibility to lead toxicity, in addition to sex hormone-mediated attenuation of other sex-related common determinants, may also be involved in developmental programming (Gilbert and Nijland 2008).