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1. Of, relating to, or determined by polygenes: polygenic inheritance.
a. Of or relating to polygenesis; polygenetic.
b. Of or relating to polygenism.

pol′y·gen′i·cal·ly adv.


(Genetics) of, relating to, or controlled by polygenes: polygenic inheritance.
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Adj.1.polygenic - of or relating to an inheritable character that is controlled by several genes at once; of or related to or determined by polygenes
genetic science, genetics - the branch of biology that studies heredity and variation in organisms
heritable, inheritable - capable of being inherited; "inheritable traits such as eye color"; "an inheritable title"
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This aside, also significant is the fact that cardiovascular complications are generally depicted as a multifactorial and polygenic disorder, predisposed by genetic and environmental factors (2).
Applied clinically, a polygenic risk score incorporating 77 single-nucleotide polymorphisms can stratify women into quintiles of risk (J Natl Cancer Inst.
Objective: The goal of this project is to demonstrate that novel aspects of the molecular basis of Darwinian adaptation can be discovered if the polygenic basis of adaptation is taken into account.
2011) suggest that the genetic variances estimated by BayesC[pi] including all markers without polygenic effects can exploit the generated gene discovery knowledge.
In a previous study from Mexico, [3] a polygenic polymorphism effect on diabetes could be confirmed.
OBESITY - AN INTRODUCTION II-17 Diagnosis of Obesity II-17 BMI Calculation and Classification II-17 Waist Circumference and BMI II-17 Types of Obesity II-18 Monogenic Obesity II-18 Polygenic Obesity II-18 Causes of Obesity II-18 Unhealthy Eating Habits II-18 Environmental and Genetic Factors II-18 Sedentary Lifestyle II-19 Alcohol Intake II-19 Childhood Obesity II-19 Psychological Factors II-19 Pregnancy II-19 Hormonal Disorders II-19 Drugs II-19 Aging II-20 Risks Associated with Obesity II-20 7.
The involvement of multiple genes (termed polygenic inheritance) has a number of consequences.
In addition, phenotypes can arise from complex polygenic traits, where an SNP only relates to one factor in the final phenotype.
Drought is a polygenic stress and is considered as one of the most important factors limiting crop yields around the world.
The team used 28 obesity-related genes to create a polygenic obesity risk score ( PRS) for each child to estimate their genetic susceptibility to obesity.
EC is a common and polygenic malignant cancer caused by complex interactions between genetic and environmental factors.
However, immunity to rotavirus is believed to be polygenic and probably involves antigens in addition to G and P antigens (14).