polygenic disorder

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Noun1.polygenic disorder - an inherited disease controlled by several genes at once
diabetes - a polygenic disease characterized by abnormally high glucose levels in the blood; any of several metabolic disorders marked by excessive urination and persistent thirst
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Since hypertension is a polygenic disorder influenced by multiple genes, further association studies and screening of other candidate gene polymorphisms is required to elucidate the precise genetic susceptibility of essential hypertension.
Although obesity is a polygenic disorder affected by a number of genes, and although a number of targets to treat obesity have been identified (eg, leptin, uncoupling proteins, peptide neurotransmitters regulating the balance between energy intake and energy expenditure), (10) the major cause of overweight and obesity is a mismatch between energy intake and energy expenditure, with the former exceeding the latter.
A: It is going to help, but being a polygenic disorder, it is going to be very difficult.
Lebovitz (SUNY Health Science Center) and covered type 2 diabetes, which is a polygenic disorder.
Genetic studies strongly suggest that osteoporosis is a complex, polygenic disorder.