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An instrument that measures the physiological responses of an individual to questions from an examiner who interprets the results as indicating the likelihood that the individual is telling or not telling the truth in giving the answers.
tr.v. pol·y·graphed, pol·y·graph·ing, pol·y·graphs
To test (a criminal suspect, for example) with a polygraph.

po·lyg′ra·pher (pə-lĭg′rə-fər), po·lyg′ra·phist (-fĭst) n.
pol′y·graph′ic adj.
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To establish a system for the Polygraphic Recording and Analysis of Sleep and Movement in the laboratory and in the home environment.
Interdisciplinary (bibliological-bibliographical and musicological) research will ensure versatile analysis and evaluation of peculiarities of Lithuanian music scores publishing and tendencies of its development, also artistic and polygraphic typography, peculiarities of the content and its spread, evaluation of the condition of music scores publishing in Lithuania and formation of preliminary recommendations and conclusions for legal and political / cultural regulation of Lithuanian music scores publishing.
According to CBI, Nazru, the sole eye-witness in the case, underwent a polygraphic test recently.
Panayotova announced that the site located between the Arena Armeets Sofia sports hall and the Publishing Polygraphic Complex "Rodina" was being cleared up and the preparations for construction works were underway.
Talking to media, DIG Investigation Zulfiqar Hameed further said polygraphic tests of five suspect persons were sent to lab regarding Sumbal rape case but their results were not positive.
Prevalence of sleep-disordered breathing in children with Down syndrome: Polygraphic findings in 108 children.