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Noun1.polygynist - a man with two or more wives
polygamist - someone who is married to two or more people at the same time
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Generally a man may commit adultery and his wife can have no case against him; but when she is pregnant he is under a moral obligation to sleep only with her and, if he is a polygynist, with his other wives.
There is no reliable census data on the number of polygynists living in the United States, (8) but it is believed that thirty to fifty thousand fundamentalist Mormons live in polygynist families and communities in the western U.
Ever since Salt Lake City teenager, Elizabeth Smart, was abducted in 2002 by the self-proclaimed polygynist prophet, Brian Mitchell, Mormon fundamentalists have been targeted as sex offenders.
In fact, the set of wives of a polygynist would contain women of different generations.
The resources for which siblings compete are food and favors from their parents, especially from the polygynist father.
One of the co-builders of Yandera's church and church school was Rudolf Gandine, a member of Yandima clan and a church catechist who opposed many village traditions (as had Ruge's father) and who banned Ruge from attending church services because he was a polygynist.
The most important change to Noya's way of living occurred in 1981, when he finally succeeded in making a stable second marriage and becoming a polygynist.
Unlike the old polygynists, however, the new polygynists do not act like Big Men of old.
Thus, women in monogamous marriages tend to have many children intended to stop their husbands from being polygynists.
Seals may not deserve their reputation as purely polygynists, a new study suggests.